Welcome to Parkhead Nursery. Please watch our Welcome Video (opens new window) which includes pictures of our staff and nursery playroom as well as a special video tour.

Please find a copy of our nursery handbook (PDF) [425KB] (opens new window) available to download which includes key information about our setting

Our Nursery Team
Vicky FishHead Teacher 
Rebekah MosesDeputy Head Teacher
Ailsa GriffithsPrincipal Teacher 
Sarah Watton Early Years Officer
Miss A MartinEarly Years Practitioner - Red Group Keyworker
Miss J Smith Early Years Practitioner - Yellow Group Keyworker
Miss L McIllduffEarly Years Practitioner - Blue Group Keyworker
Mr M Jamil Early Years Practitioner - Purple Group Keyworker
Miss P Aitken Early Years Practitioner - Pink Group Keyworker
Miss N SavageEarly Years Practitioner - Orange Group Keyworker 
Mrs S MafoozEarly Years Practitioner - Pink Group Keyworker
Miss A Stephen Pupil Support Worker
Mrs K McAfferPupil Support Worker
Miss E WeirPupil Support Worker
Miss S AliPupil Support Worker 


Your child will be assigned a key worker when they start nursery. If you wish to discuss your child's progress or have any concerns regarding your child at nursery please try and speak to their key worker.