We encourage all children in our nursery to wear the uniform. The uniform consists of white, or red polo shirt and red or black sweatshirt. The uniform is available for purchase from Border Embroideries (opens new window). Please remember that all uniform looks the same so it is really important that you label your child's clothing. Labels can be brought from Border Embroideries, or simply mark your child's name inside with a laundry marker. 

If you don't want your child to wear the uniform, that is also fine. It is best for your child to come to nursery in easy fitting play clothes. Tight jeans, belts etc. are difficult for your child to manage especially when going to the toilet independently. Elasticated waist bands promote and help your child to be independent. There are many messy things which your child will be working with, such as paint, dough, glue etc., so we suggest your child doesn't wear anything new or special which cannot be easily washed. We supply aprons however we cannot guarantee all materials we use will be stain free. Don't be alarmed if your child is a bit messy when they leave after a nursery session, this just means they have had a great time!

In the event that your child has an accident, or gets really wet from playing outside  (or inside!) we will change your child. We have spare clothing in the nursery but we ask that you provide a change of clothing which can be kept in a bag on your child's peg. If we have to change your child's clothing we will of course let you know.