Here at Parkhead Primary School and Nursery we are inclusive. We use a number of strategies to support our pupil's understanding as well as their expressive communication. Signalong is just one method that we use and in the videos below you can find out how effective Signalong is.

Each week we will release a new Signalong video. Remember to come back and check this page regularly.


30th January 2023Good Morning and Good Afternoon (opens new window)
20th February 2023Please and Thank You (opens new window)
14th April 2023Waiting and Stopping (opens new window)
21st April 2023More and Help (opens new window)
28th April 2023Sitting and Eating (opens new window)
5th May 2023Milk and Water (opens new window)
12th May 2023Apple and Banana (opens new window)
19th May 2023Toast and Bread (opens new window)
26th May 2023Safety (opens new window)