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Home Study and Activities 

You might find that during the present Covid-19 outbreak you are having to stay at home. You could be self isolating with your family, or you may not feel too good. If you feel you would like some distraction have a look at some of the activities below. If you are proud of your work you can send us a picture to our school email address. We will display all photos on our weekly slide show in Our Gallery Of Work

Knowledge is power, if you are feeling anxious about Covid-19 and want to find out a little bit more have a look at this short book Icon for pdf Hello I Am A Virus [1.47MB]. The book can be printed out, filled in and shared with your family. Older pupils might want to look at this episode of Newsround where Dr Xand and Dr Chris answer your Corona virus questions

If you would like to relax after doing all of your work why not listen to a book. There are loads to choose from. If you have the same book at home you can always read along as well. 

You can also check out the Pupil Resources page for lots of useful links to keep you occupied.


Mrs Walker 

Although you might not have been assigned any specific work by Mrs Walker you can access the links below to assist your child with work that has been set by their class teacher. If you would like to see anything else here that you think we might have missed then please email us. 

IDL - If need a login let us know
IDL Cloud 
Speech and Language Link
Speech and Language LinkThis is normally used in school, but at the present moment is free to use at home for parents and carers. 
Dyslexia Links - Games
Free online fun games for kids with dyslexiaThis site provides lots of links to many other sites which have free games. These games are both fun and challenging. Try them out and perhaps you can suggest to others which ones are the best.
Speed Reading Lounge Dyslexia GamesThis site provides suggestions for games in app form for iOS and Android. Some these may be free to download, although possibly not all of them. If you find a great game, share that information with friends
Signalong Videos
Signalong VideosVideos to learn signalong. These are helpful for children with communication difficulties 
Phonics and Sight Words Links 
Phonics and SightwordsThese sites are great for making games for both sight words (common or tricky words) or phonics. will allow you to make games quickly and easily, although you will need access to a printer. The children love some of the games available on this site, such as sight words snakes and ladders
This Reading Mama
General Reading
AudibleListen to stories. Audible has opened its collection for free during the period of school closures 
Text to Speech Technology 
Word TalkMost of the sites are free and can be installed on laptops or come in app form. They can help with being able to read more complex text than a student is able to tackle. They would be good for using during research work. 
"Li'l Mouth" Text to Speech Utility
Natural Readers
Seeing AIThis is an app and may only be available on Iphone
Immersive Reader for GlowImmersive Reader is available when using Word Online through Glow
Claro SoftwareClaro Software develops Assistive Technology, software for people with disabilities such as print and reading difficulties like dyslexia, to help them achieve all they can. The software is free until July.
ClickerClicker is a resource that we use in school to help some children develop their confidence with writing. Crick Software are offering a free download of Clicker for the duration of the school closures. This software has text to speech technology, reading back what the pupil has typed in. It also has predictive text to help with spelling.
Social Stories 
Life is not normal at the moment and the media is very confusing and scary even for adults,  for children the news can be overwhelming. The following section is for social stories that can be shared with your child. 
Icon for pdf About Corona Virus [203.89KB]Explains in a social story what the Corona Virus is. 
Icon for pdf Corona Virus School Closure [196.82KB]Explains in a social story why the school is closed because of Corona Virus.
Icon for pdf Social Distancing and Corona Virus [236.61KB]Explains in a social story what social distancing is.
Icon for pdf Self isolating and Corona Virus [187.3KB]Explains in a social story what self isolating is. 
Educational Psychology Service 
Icon for pdf West Lothian Educational Psychology Telephone Service [210.06KB]If you feel you need to speak to an Educational Psychologist during the present shutdown of schools.

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