What is parentsportal.scot?

parentsportal.scot is a new digital service to help replace the traditional school bag run, by providing direct communication to parents through a growing suite of online services, including information about a child's education and the ability to complete transactions such as applying for placement requests or paying for school meals. Further services are being developed and will be added in the future. parentsportal.scot has been built to provide convenience, enabling parents to access information, update details and transact at a time that suits them.

How does it work?

To login to parentsportal.scot you need a myaccount, a service which enables you to access a range of Scottish public services online using one username and password. If you already have a myaccount, you can sign straight into parentsportal.scot.

Once you have signed in to parentsportal.scot, you can then link your child to your account. After your child's school approves the link, you will then be able to see information about your child and their school online. The school will update the calendar which can be accessed on parentsportal.scot. There will also be additional services you can access, which will grow over time. Eventually you will be able to complete the annual data check, pay for school meals, pay for school trips, book a parents' night appointment online by signing in once to parentsportal.scot. Initially the services available will be limited.

Find out more

Full details have been sent to all parents and carers via Groupcall. If you want further information check out the link below or call the school office. 

West Lothian Council Parentsportal