What is iPayImpact?

Simply put, iPayImpact is the online system that schools use for you to pay for things such as lunches, school trips and other events the school may ask a payment for. Even if you do not pay for school lunches your iPayImpact account will allow you to book your child's lunches ahead of time. Saving time in class in the morning during registration. 

When your child starts with us we will send home a link code key for you to access your child's account. Children who are moving from Nursery to P1 will receive their letter in the first week of the new term so watch out for this in your child's school bag. Children who start with us throughout the year will receive their iPayimpact letter within 24 hours of starting with us.  Everything you need to gain access to iPayImpact and your child's account will be in the letter.  The most important thing to keep in mind is that a my.gov.scot account is required in order to use iPayImpact. You will have registered for a myaccount when you submitted a pupil placement application for your child to attend a West Lothian school.

What is parentsportal.scot?

Parentsportal.scot is a new digital service to help replace the traditional school bag run, by providing direct communication to parents through a growing suite of online services. Parentsportal.scot has been built to provide convenience, enabling parents to access information, update details and transact at a time that suits them. Parentsportal.scot is currently only available to parents of primary school or high school age. Primary schools use Parentsportal in a very limited way. You will have access to personal details, medical details and be able to amend/update your details as and when required. Once your child goes to high school the Parent Portal account is vital as it will also house school timetables, report cards and exam results. 

To login to parentsportal.scot you need a my.gov.scot account. See above for details of what this is

Once you have signed in to parentsportal.scot, you can then link your child to your account. After your child's school approves the link, you will then be able to see information about your child and their school online. There will also be additional services you can access, which will grow over time. The annual data check can be completed online using Parent Portal, additionally if you move house or want to update your child's record with new medical details you can simply do this using Parent Portal.

Find out more

Full details have been sent to all parents and carers via Groupcall. If you want further information check out the link below or call the school office. 

West Lothian Council Parentsportal (opens new window)