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Lowport Residential Camp

Information about Lowport Residential Camp

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When Is Lowport Residential Camp?

Lowport Residential Camp happens towards the end of Term 3. Children go for two nights, either a Monday and Tuesday, returning on Wednesday or a Wednesday and Thursday, returning on a Friday.     

Who Can Go To Lowport?

Lowport Camp is open to our Primary 5 children only. Watch out for the application forms coming home in your child's school bag. 

How Can I Help Get Ready For School Camp!?

There are so many things you can do to get ready for school camp.

  • Help Pack Your Bag!

We recommend you help with packing your bag. The more involved you are in the packing of your bag, the more likely you are to come back from school camp with all your belongings! You can print off a copy of the kit list here and help with ticking off items as they go into your bag. Take a good look at the clothes and accessories that are going in (some you might not have seen before if they are new). Remember that you don't need to go out and buy new clothing or expensive waterproofs for school camp. The Lowport Centre provides waterproofs and wellies for the Woodland Adventure. Make sure that everything has your name on it!!

Icon for pdf Lowport 2018 Kit List [61.35KB]

  • Do Some Research About Linlithgow

Linlithgow is within West Lothian and about 13 miles from our school. It really won't take us long to get there, but some of you may have never been to Linlithgow before.

The Lowport Centre is actually an indoor residential camp. Bedrooms are set over three floors, and you will be sharing with either one or two of your friends. All our activities will start from the Lowport Centre. To find out more about the Lowport Centre check out their website below.

Lowport Centre - Active West Lothian Website

We are visiting Linlithgow Palace. The children that show you around the palace are actually pupils from Linlithgow Primary School, they have had to learn lots of interesting facts about the palace, and will answer any questions that you have. If you want to find out more about the palace have a look at the Linlithgow Palace website.

Linlithgow Palace

We are visiting the Linlithgow Union Canal Centre. When we are visiting the centre we will be going on a short canal trip. We will also get to watch a video about the history of The Union Canal. If you want to find out more about The Linlithgow Union Canal Centre, have a look at their website below. You could even try and think of some questions to ask the people who run the centre. 

Linlithgow Union Canal Centre

We will be going swimming at Linlithgow Swimming Pool. If you aren't a confident swimmer there are some swim noodles at the pool, but you can always bring your own arm bands. Remember to pack your swimming costume or trunks! More information about the swimming pool can be found on their website below.

Linlithgow Swimming Pool

  • Learn How To Put A Duvet Cover On A Duvet

Lowport is an outdoor residential centre, not the Ritz Carlton. When you arrive at the centre you will have to make your own bed! Some of you may already know how to put a duvet cover on a duvet, some of you might not. In order to help the teachers a little bit (contrary to popular belief they don't enjoy making 30 beds up) you might want to learn how to put a duvet cover on a duvet. Practise making your own bed at home and when you come to along to school camp everyone will marvel at your skills!

If you want to watch how easy it is to make your own bed have a look at the videos below. We look forward to seeing your efforts at camp!

How To Put A Duvet Cover On A Duvet Using The Rolling Method

How To Put A Duvet Cover On A Duvet Using The Traditional Method


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